Wallpaper symbol list

Samantha Garden
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wallpaper symbol list

Wallpaper marking allows you to correctly select the material for pasting any room, based on the technological properties of the material. Most often you can see various small icons, they serve as one of the fundamental factors in choosing the right wall covering. Next, we will take a closer look at what the icons on a roll of wall paper mean, and also try to figure out what you need to pay attention to first when buying.

  • spongeable Spongeable
  • washable Washable
  • super washable Super washable
  • fregable Fregable
  • standard lightness Standard lightness
  • good lightness Good lightness
  • free match Free match
  • straight match Straight match
  • random match Random match
  • alternatively invert strips Alternatively invert the strips
  • easy dry reap off Easy for dry reap off
  • foldable Foldable
  • paste to wall Paste to wall
  • paste-paper Paste paper
  • pre-paste Pre paste

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