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wallpaper calculator
Room settings
Wallpaper settings
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The wallpaper calculator will help you calculate how many rolls you need for each room. For the calculation, it is necessary to enter into the table the parameters of the room and the dimensions of the wallpaper roll in order to get an accurate result.

  1. Usually, the calculation does not subtract windows and doorways.
  2. if the room complex configuration — do not specify width and length, and immediately set the perimeter of the room.
  • Without Pattern repeat
    Without Pattern repeat
  • With straight pattern
    With straight pattern
  • With offset pattern
    With offset pattern

Calculation Example

Distance around the roomWall height
2.3-2.4 m.2.4-2.6 m.2.6-2.7 m.
10 m.5 rolls5 rolls6 rolls
12 m.6 rolls6 rolls7 rolls
14 m.7 rolls7 rolls8 rolls
16 m.8 rolls8 rolls9 rolls
18 m.9 rolls9 rolls10 rolls
20 m.10 rolls10 rolls11 rolls

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