Air Conditioning Calculator

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conditioner calculator

AC BTU Calculator allows you to find the capacity of an air conditioner for a small room: a separate room in an apartment or cottage, office and other premises located in capital buildings.

Room length (m.)
Room width (m.)
Room area (square meters)
Walls height (m.)
Insolation (degree of light rays of the sun)
Number of computers or/and TVs
Average number of people in room
Total Volume m3
Power conditioner kW

You can calculate the size of an air conditioner for a room. 1 Metre = 3.28 Feet

The British thermal unit is a unit of measurement of thermal energy in the English system of measures.

  • 1 kW = 3412 BTU/h
  • 1000 BTU/h = 293 W

Main standard sizes of air conditioners (kW-BTU/h)

Refrigerating capacity, kW1.
Standard models, thousand BTU/h05070912182430364860

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