White furniture

Samantha Garden
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white furniture

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  6. Colors: White


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White furniture look more fresh and elegant, aristocratic and, of course, visually lighter than the same, but different colors.

Garnish with white sofas and chairs with bright colored pillows and blankets. Choose colors that will attract the eye and to contrast with the white background - juicy orange, dark blue or blood red. You can pick up colorful pillows, for example, yellow and orange. On the walls hang paintings in the style of pop art - they also serve as an excellent color spot, set off by white furniture.

To create a sense of airiness and atmosphere of luxury, add white furniture such as accessories. Pillows, rugs, lampshades and mirror frames can be either milky white or light cream or pale pink - in general, any neutral and close to white color. Not all merged into one formless spot, create a contrast with the different textures.