Teenage room in white and blue colors

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teenage room in white and blue colors

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  4. Room: Kids rooms
  5. Styles: Contemporary
  6. Colors: Blue, White
  7. Accessories: Lamps


Save or share this teenage room in white and blue colors photo and use it in your modern interior design and kids rooms renovation ideas.

Girls are more likely than boys to prefer bright, vibrant colors, so you can choose any of the colors, opting for a gentle, pastel shades.

Teenage girls are nice relaxing shades, are often very tired at school - ask for a bedroom beige, cream, pearl shades.

If the hostess rooms have hobbies, they can tell the color. If, for example, she loves football, you can design the interior of a bedroom in white, black and green (the colors of the lawn and a soccer ball). If interested in Eastern culture, the room can be arranged in a warm reddish hues.

As for the furniture, the room for a young lady often choose light furniture - pure white, cream, beige, light wood.

If space allows, in the bedroom should be equipped with a seating area and reception - this put a small sofa or a couple of chairs, a coffee table and 1-2 Pufang.

The free space in the interior is used to create a corner of the sports - girls no less than boys enjoyed opportunities to climb the wall bars, climb the rope, hang on the bar, and even beat a pear.

If a girl plays an instrument, rather than recreation and sports area better equipped music lessons - is more important. Guests can take in the living room, and exercise at any other convenient place.

In the girl's room is mandatory bedside lamp: many girls are afraid of the dark - would be very useful if you wake up at night, baby night light will turn on and illuminate the room.