Small bedroom design

Small bedroom design
Room: Bedrooms    Styles: Contemporary,     Accessories: Mirrors,
Colors: White,

For a small bedroom furniture suitable only compact, it will save you a useful area. Of course, a complete bedroom set - it was good, but the little room is unlikely to fit all of his subjects. If in a room marked bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table, the bedroom become impassable jungle. Therefore, the furniture should not overload the space. Choose small items, without unnecessary frills.

Perfect furniture without legs, for example, low furniture in oriental style. This allows you to visually make the room a little more. The cabinet should contain a lot of things, but still be small. The best option - built-in closet with mirrored doors. Furniture should also have the right, try to arrange it so that you are left with a maximum of space, do not leave empty spaces between objects.