Simple orange kids room

Samantha Garden
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simple orange kids room

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  4. Room: Kids rooms
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  6. Colors: Orange


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When choosing colors for nursery rooms, parents often opt for bright clean shades - green, cornflower blue, yellow, orange. However, the color in the interior of a kids room is not only a decorative role, children are much more sensitive than adults, and The wrong design can affect children's behavior, well-being and development.

Simple kids room in orange color does not have to be bright: the many shades of orange, including some of the pastel and muted tones of peach to terracotta. Subtle shades of orange - a good replacement pink: this traditional color finishing room for the girl actually like not every young princess. However, light - orange children's room is universal: it is suitable for both girls and boys, and two of them or three children.

Kids room in orange color becomes more spacious, if you combine the orange and white: neutral and error-free combination. With other colors orange is also compatible - with careful selection, for example, some shades of blue and green give a stale orange appearance. This color combination is suitable for most children.