Nice dining room

Samantha Garden
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nice dining room

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  4. Room: Dining rooms
  5. Styles: Traditional
  6. Colors: White
  7. Accessories: Frames, Lamps, Mirrors


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Nice dining room interior design depends first and foremost on the planning features: Does the whole dining room or, as in most modern apartments, combined with the kitchen or living room.

If the dining area is combined with the kitchen or living room, dining room interior must be combined with the general climate of the room, at the same time the design of the dining room requires very clear visual boundaries.

For example, define the boundaries of the kitchen and dining room will allow the use of different floor and wall coverings: kitchen area suitable practical tile, linoleum, washable wallpaper in the dining room design is more appropriate to include flooring or laminate flooring, and walls decorated with wallpaper before painting.

Distinguish between the kitchen and dining room will help a good ceiling height is also different in these areas, emphasized built-in lighting. If combined with the dining room, their boundaries can be quite arbitrary, since both she and the other zone is designed for relaxation and comfort, communication. A hint of isolation may make bar, movable walls, high back sofa.