Neutral bedroom

Samantha Garden
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neutral bedroom

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For the bedroom, as well as for any other room, you should choose the most suitable color, based on the impact of the latter on the physical aspects of our psyche. For a rest you have to use shades that help to relax and forget about the cares of the day. That is why many usually stay in a neutral color in the interior of the bedroom.

Neutral colors in the bedroom pleasing to the eye, give a sense of calm and serenity, creating the right atmosphere for a dream and a warm intimate atmosphere. Not be limited to one shade, try to choose two or three colors that are combined with each other, and using them in different proportions, combining several variations of gray and white.

The neutral color of the interior bedroom - is primarily ivory, cream, pearl, sand and swamp-green color.

As a secondary color, you can use pastel colors: pale blue and pale green, for example, perfectly match the color of ivory, and the blotches anthracite or black suit in the case where you want to carve out a visual component. Such a contrast color is the best option for accents in the interior in white and shades of gray, but in this case, do not overdo it, will be enough dark shade, tables or dark headboard.