Metalic furniture

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metalic furniture

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Metal furniture is the key to a stylish design. Metal creates a certain lightness and strength at the same time, and a variety of fine form gives the room a noble and aristocratic, but at the same time, it is very simple.

Metal goes well with a variety of other materials. For example, he looks great with the tissues. Canopies and curtains on beds, fabric cushions on forged chairs, a variety of wraps and covers for metal decorative elements make it cozy.

All furniture is made on the basis of a strong frame of chrome-plated steel, and are complemented by furniture items (shelves, cabinets, drawers and doors) of chromed metal, wood and glass (black, matte white or transparent).

Traditional ties of metal with crystal, clocks, fireplaces, chandeliers. Wicker furniture in a metal frame looks great, and can be designed as an unusually cornices, if tips they be in the form of flowers, animal face or hearts made ??of metal.