Contemporary wall unit

Contemporary wall unit
Room: Furniture    Styles: Contemporary,     Accessories: Vases,
Colors: Brown,

Luxurious contemporary wall units - does not have to be big and bulky. Elegant shelves and drawers that flank the TV, also wall. There are modular wall. With a set of items, you are creating your interior to suit your needs. Widespread and angled walls. They are used to give the room a rounded form. To the elite wall units include walls made of natural wood.

Modern Wall Units - true works of art design, which combine originality, functionality and durability. Today the walls are not just a set of cabinets and items that should be placed along the walls of the room. A variety of configuration and integration of the walls give the interior of your apartment novelty and comfortable amenities. A wide range of modules or sections of the walls can create custom designs.