Beautiful french kitchen

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beautiful french kitchen

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  4. Room: Kitchens
  5. Styles: Mediterranean
  6. Colors: White
  7. Accessories: Lamps


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The main element of French style in the kitchen design is the color. The most common colors are the French style: blue Mediterranean, terracotta-red, green and yellow. Combinations and variations on these colors can create a wonderful atmosphere conducive to creative processes, to which I attribute the cooking.

Selecting furniture, remember that it must be combined with the color of the walls. Kitchen furniture should be light, airy and comfortable. Accessories necessary to select the final stages of a kitchen design. The most popular combination of colors, furniture and accessories can be found in the photographs of French style kitchens, performed by various designers. Now that you know the basic elements of the French style, you can order a ready kitchen in this style go to any kitchen interior, where experienced designers will help you decide on the final choice.